Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Amazing Beijing

It took me three days to make the decision of writing an entry about the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008. Honestly I never had a very positive view of China and everything that's related to Chinese government. I guess that's because the Chinese ruling party has always been acting like our big brother: telling us what to do while killing our fishermen; accusing us of violating their sovereignty (!) while sending more troops to the Spratlys; and broadcasting live the image of the Olympic torch traveling through the controversial archipelago while who owning it is still unclear.

However, in many aspects, the Chinese are really really respectable for their smartness, creativeness and solidarity.

More than anything else, the Beijing 2008 Opening Ceremony has proved a China with strong economic power, plentiful human resources and most appealingly very rich culture throughout thousands of years of development. In one night, Zhang Yimou and his 22,000 artists (vietnamnet) convincingly made us believe in what we had doubted just minutes before the show: China can make Beijing 2008 a unique, unforgettable event in history.

Out of the many acts squeezed in a 50-minute performance, what strikes me most was the parade of the descendants of Confucius right in the beginning. Those smart-looking students were walking strong steady steps in lines while keeping their eyes looking straight ahead and chanting the verses in a book of Confucius. For me, this image strongly expressed the Chinese’s determination to continue on with the deep-rooted and long lived ideology of Confucianism. Perhaps that I used to attend a workshop on Confucianism and had developed an interest in the field ever since brought about such positive attitude. Anyway, it is no doubt that Confucius is among the most knowledgeable and respectable philosophers that ever lived and that promoting his philosophy is for the sake of the people in many ways.

Later, the marvelous firework show added to the sparkle of the night. Never in my life had I seen such beautiful rays of light in a night sky like that! The Chinese are proud that they were the first to make paper; and now they have every reason to take pride in the fireworks “made in China”. :D

I was also deeply impressed by the torch procession at Bird’s Nest. As the torch bearer was running towards the cauldron, the path resembling a giant book followed his steps to reveal. One step further and the book opened more pages. You could see letters, numbers, and images; the fundamental symbols of mankind’s intelligence being shown as the light was shining brightly and proudly. It was knowledge, more than anything else, that took humans to the place where they are now. It was the message the Chinese people wanted to send to the rest of the world. It was that moment that I could say nothing but “Amazing!”

Pics taken from: http://vnexpress.net/GL/The-thao/2008/08/3BA054EF/


jasperjugan said...

i should say they really made a good impression about the opening

Linh Bui said...

@Jasper: yeah. Hope they'll have more to show in the closing ceremony (like Zhang Yimou has promised) :D

Eagles' Wings said...

Amazing looking photos. I wish I was there :-)

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