Friday, July 18, 2008

What the...?

Last week, while I was slowly riding my motorbike in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, I saw this orange slogan T-shirt that read "What the Phở?".

FYI, "Phở" is a special dish of Vietnam. It's not exaggerating to say that many people know about Vietnamese cuisine just because of Phở. It is our pride and joy. And here, on a T-shirt, it appears in such a phrase. Don't know what to say.


Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

The message on the T-Shirt can really mislead people like me. What the Pho for me sounds like "What the F***$@%"

Haha, Vietnam is pretty good for fabric and designs. How come this one is soooo common? Have you ever been to Hoi-An? That's where Tom and I had our custom-made suits. Haha, i'm sure you've been there already =)

jasperjugan said...

i've seen a lot of Pho's everywhere, Pho 24, Pho Bac, what exacty is a Pho? :)

Linh Bui said...

@Bridge: That's what the slogan
Yeah, there are many skilled tailors in Hoi An.
@Jasper: Pho 24 means the price is 24k VND per bowl (~1.5 usd). But now it's gone up to 30k and Pho Bac refers to the origin of Pho (Bac = North).

Linh Bui said...

@Jasper: Sorry I haven't answered your question. Pho 24 is just the name of a restaurant, mostly known to foreigners who don't who want to taste Pho in a small inn :D. Pho Bac, Pho Nam (~South) or Pho Nam Dinh (a province in the North) refer to the Pho from different parts of Vietnam. Well, Pho's tastes differ a little bit from North to South. It's more spicy up here in the north and sweeter in the south. That's it! ^^
btw, Pho has a long history and its popular taste has changed since its birth in the North. But the main ingredients have stayed unchanged.