Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Eye

Just finished watching "The Eye". Initially, I chose to see this movie only because it starred Jessica Alba, my favorite actress. But then it has turned out to be much more than that.

It tells the story of Sydney, a talented violinist who got an eye transplant after many years being blind. The happy moments did not last long, though. She began to be haunted by frightening visions of fires, car accidents, suicides, and deaths. Her terrible experiences were finally traced back to the tragic life story of her eye donor. This dead Mexican girl, with her special ability to foresee deaths, had tried to prevent a frightful accident but in vain! She wanted Sydney to take over her duty, and was successful at last. Hundreds of people were saved but Sydney lost her eyes again. It was not a bad thing for her, fortunately. Sydney now did not have to spend terrible nights seeing the doomed dragged away by death, and more importantly, she found her peace of mind.

Such a commonplace plot for a horror movie but what I find really meaningful is the message it delivers, or the lesson I have learned from it. How can you believe your eyes when they are not yours? And how can you believe in yourself if your mind and body are not yours? Sometimes I just wish I were somebody else. Richer, prettier, and more intelligent. I would imagine myself in the image of a brown hair girl with a very smart look. Kinda perfect! But only God know what would happen to me if that was the case. There would be another ME, not the one my family and friends once knew. Probably because I have been so unlucky in life, I have always hoped to be another person. I'm just wondering if I would have the slightest bit of confidence in myself like I do now?


Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

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Linh Bui said...

@Bridge: Thanks a lot for your tips.

b said...

I haven't seen this movie yet, but I want to. It sounds interesting.

Thanks for visiting my site, and it's nice to meet you! Of course you can link to me, and I will link to you as well. Have an awesome day!

Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Thanks for the comment, and I just read your post. This movie of Jessica Alba is a bit "suspense" and "thriller"... As far as I want to, I end up not finishing the movie till the end whenever I watch horror films. I'm just a chicken shit.. haha!

jasperjugan said...

is this a remake of an asian movie?

Linh Bui said...

@Jasper: yeah, it's a remake of the Hongkong film "Jian Gui". Just have no idea about what it means. ^^

jasperjugan said...

hi linh, i also added you to my blog roll. cheers!